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Date posted: April 20, 2022

Cannabis is not just our business, it’s our way of life. We love it, believe in it, and consume it daily. We’re up for celebrating 4/20, but we’re not down with some of the dumb situations we see others get into on account of being stoned.

The push for national legalization has greater support than ever before. Medical marijuana is legal in 37 states - recreational in 18. There’s very real potential that dawn will rise on a day that has only lived in our dreams and in stony “wouldn’t it be cool if” conversations. Aside from voting probably the best thing we can do to make that elusive hope a reality is to not get in the way or be the source of bad publicity. So today when you’re doing your 4/20 thing (and any other day for that matter), please just try not to ruin a good thing for the rest of us.

From our stash to yours, this 420, please… Don’t. Do. Stoner. Shit.

Some quick tips for those seeking clarity through bloodshot eyes :

  1. DRIVING ~ Getting pulled over doing 19 on the highway. Thanks for being “safe” but you’re not fooling anyone. When the lighters and edibles come out, the keys go away.

  2. LOBBYING ~ Arguing with anti-weed people while very high. Trust me, you’ll never sound as eloquent as you do in your own head. Blood-shot eyes and sentences filled with “likes”, and “well you knows”, aren’t going to change anyone’s mind anytime soon…or ever.
  3. COOKING ~ ‘Setting It and Forgetting It. Over ordering delivery and burning your budget is far better than over-toasting your frozen pizza and burning down your kitchen.

  4. SHARING ~ Hitting the playground. Trust me, even if mom or dad look cool, if they’re at a playground watching their kids, they won’t be cool with you lighting up that spliff.
  5. HIKING/BIKING ~ Lighting up on the trail. If anything nearby is yellow or crackles, keep the lighter in your pocket. Wildfires are a real thing these days.

As thanks for doing your part, and in honor of the holiday, use the code DDSS420 to get 24% off our CBD line of products. Hurry, before you get distracted by, well.... squirrel!!....like I was saying, before you get distracted, follow this link and use the code DDSS420, the deal expires Sunday, 4/24/22.

Our CBD seltzers won’t get you high like our other products, but you could probably use a tasty beverage that’s non-psychoactive to help with the cottonmouth or to support some clarity as you come down from the big day.

Be well,

Team Oh Hi

PS - here's the link again in case the short term memory got in the way.

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