About Oh Hi Beverages

We craft delicious THC and CBD-enhanced beverages that range in flavor and THC. Our variety of premium Cannabis infused beverages are available in THC and CBD options. Delicious, effective, and great for all cannabis users, Oh Hi drinkables (like edibles, but liquid) take that fruit forward beverage we all love to the next level.

Why Water-Soluble?

Oh Hi is proud to be one of the few water-soluble, cannabis-infused drinks on the market, made with Stillwater RIPPLE THC and Caliper CBD. Our premium beverages deliver cannabis quickly to your system and help you achieve peak relaxation sooner. According to a study by Stillwater Foods, this water-soluble THC and CBD can be absorbed into the blood in as little as 15 minutes, with peak absorption by 60 minutes. Microdosing just got a whole lot easier.

Why Cannabis-Infused?

Because you want to mix it up a little. Have a tasty beverage with a little twist!

Oh Hi strives to create a well-balanced, flavorful, and fun beverage that can be enjoyed throughout your daily routine, or during your favorite weekend hobby. Delicious and accurately dosed our drinkables are great for people new to cannabis or who consume on a daily basis. Oh Hi beverages have quality, clean, and consistent THC and CBD with unique flavors, and the perfect amount of pallet sensation to put some color in your cheeks.

These beverages provide just the right amount of life enhancement today without having to risk how you feel tomorrow. The fast-acting properties of our drinkables allow you to gauge and measure your tolerance proficiently.

Oh Hi cannabis infused beverages are the perfect pairing to the next bonfire, adventure, or chore list. So grab a drink and start livinŐ!